Valentine’s Day Special: Love Yourself First!

Fall in love with you and grow through these proposals for everyday, including Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Creativity as a way of life
I think this is somewhat underestimated today, but I know firsthand that being creative in your day-to-day life can save you from depression. Being creative when dressing, cooking, shopping, bedding… is extremely enriching, it’s all about playing and daring to change your mind!
First, you need to feed the brain with lots of inspiration, here are some ideas:

>> A book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The perfect book to explore your creative side and inspire you to grow through creativity.

>> A documentary: Abstract, the art of design. This Netflix documentary series introduces 10 designers from different fields through their creative processes. Essential!

creativity henri matisse

#2 – Take care of yourself
Honestly, I’m one of the lazy ones to take care of myself, but I have to say that over time I’m getting to include some healthy habits that make me feel better in my day-to-day life. Here are a couple of ideas:

>> Top Breakfast: Ginger and Tea. My breakfast includes a tea (my faves are from Yogi Tea) with a mini teaspoon of powdered or sliced ginger. Google the properties of tea and ginger if you don’t know about them, you will be surprised!

>> Best facial care: Movis soap. I love everything from Lush, but if I have to choose one of their products I’ll keep the Movis facial soap. Amazing smell, gentle scrub for every day, and leaves the (mixed) skin super balanced.

pink hair don't care

#3 – Fall in love with yourself
Get dressed to fall in love with yourself, not for others. Make your outfit a mission statement 😉

>> Favorite Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Color 01, Always Red. Vibrant red, matt and velvety textured. A basic classic.

>> Favorite Tee: Not everything sucks from Abandon Ship Apparel. I love everything from this Scottish indie brand, but this one -that is still in preorder- takes the cake.

#4 – Have Fun!

>> Take bike rides. Since I’ve come back to Mallorca, I’ve been enjoying cycling again, and I feel like when I was a child! If it can be by the sea, better. 

>> Have more sex. A basic that we sometimes forget because of the stress and daily worries. Alone or accompanied, it doesn’t matter!

Guy Bourdin
Photo by Guy Bourdin

#PS – A quick Reminder!
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*Featured image by Guy Bourdin

Valentine’s Special: High Voltage Earring Set perfect Outfit

Many of you may have noticed: We recently have launched the High Voltage Earring Set, a Limited Edition that will only be available until Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of love that has inspired us for these super hot hearts and bolts earrings with lots of glitter. On this occasion we suggest this outfit to wear them everyday. We hope it inspires you! 😉

now or never outfit high voltage

High Voltage Earrings Set by Now or Never  |  Hopeless Romantic Tee by  |  Red Mini Skirt by New Look  |  Metallic Sneakers by | Lilac Fur Mini Back Pack by Skinny Dip London   |  Nail Lacquer by NYX Cosmetics