Valentine’s Day Special: Love Yourself First!

Fall in love with you and grow through these proposals for everyday, including Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Creativity as a way of life
I think this is somewhat underestimated today, but I know firsthand that being creative in your day-to-day life can save you from depression. Being creative when dressing, cooking, shopping, bedding… is extremely enriching, it’s all about playing and daring to change your mind!
First, you need to feed the brain with lots of inspiration, here are some ideas:

>> A book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The perfect book to explore your creative side and inspire you to grow through creativity.

>> A documentary: Abstract, the art of design. This Netflix documentary series introduces 10 designers from different fields through their creative processes. Essential!

creativity henri matisse

#2 – Take care of yourself
Honestly, I’m one of the lazy ones to take care of myself, but I have to say that over time I’m getting to include some healthy habits that make me feel better in my day-to-day life. Here are a couple of ideas:

>> Top Breakfast: Ginger and Tea. My breakfast includes a tea (my faves are from Yogi Tea) with a mini teaspoon of powdered or sliced ginger. Google the properties of tea and ginger if you don’t know about them, you will be surprised!

>> Best facial care: Movis soap. I love everything from Lush, but if I have to choose one of their products I’ll keep the Movis facial soap. Amazing smell, gentle scrub for every day, and leaves the (mixed) skin super balanced.

pink hair don't care

#3 – Fall in love with yourself
Get dressed to fall in love with yourself, not for others. Make your outfit a mission statement 😉

>> Favorite Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Color 01, Always Red. Vibrant red, matt and velvety textured. A basic classic.

>> Favorite Tee: Not everything sucks from Abandon Ship Apparel. I love everything from this Scottish indie brand, but this one -that is still in preorder- takes the cake.

#4 – Have Fun!

>> Take bike rides. Since I’ve come back to Mallorca, I’ve been enjoying cycling again, and I feel like when I was a child! If it can be by the sea, better. 

>> Have more sex. A basic that we sometimes forget because of the stress and daily worries. Alone or accompanied, it doesn’t matter!

Guy Bourdin
Photo by Guy Bourdin

#PS – A quick Reminder!
Valentine’s Day -February 14th- is the last day to get the High Voltage Earrings Set. This LIMITED EDITION will be gone forever in a few hours! Treat yourself and get yours here.




*Featured image by Guy Bourdin

Perfect Autumn Outfits with our NEW Jewels!

Yes, we just added two new designs to the storeDue to the success of the mini collections Heart Broken and Mocking Cats we decided to extend them by adding a new modality earrings: small and cute with a long hook in silver tone. Welcome to the Heart Broken Earrings – Basic Edition and the Mocking Cats earrings, as arrogant as ever. We hope you like them!

Also, we wanted to take the opportunity of this little release to do a search for our favorite clothes of the season to combine with our new stuff. We hope they inspire you to create your Now or Never outfits this season and to discover new brands we love.

Nº 1 #Basically Cute

Now or Never – Ring & Earrings | Bando – Painter Overall & Tote Bag | Luella –  Tee | Echo Club House – Sunglasses & Hair accesory | New Look – Coat | Zalando – Reebok Classic Sneakers


cute introvert outfit

Nº 2 #Depressed but Very Well Dressed

Now or Never – Earrings & Necklace | Creepy Gals – Tee | Dorothy Perkins – Skirt | Dr.Martens x Lazy Oaf – Shoes | Golden Ponies – Box Bag | Sara M. Lyons – Sad Ghost Pin | Asos – Beret | H&M – Fishnet Socks



NON News: World heart Day gift & Palo Alto Market

1. September 29th, World Heart Day.

At Now or Never we have also decided to celebrate World Heart Day. Although it is a celebration dedicated to cardiovascular health, something that we also care a lot (a year and a month without smoking! ;), we have adapted the celebration to our own way.

That’s why, from NOW, until Friday October 6th at 11:59 PM, we are giving away the Googly Eyes Heart necklace in pink, with red and golden eyes, and listen up, because it’s a limited edition for the occasion 😉

That’s why, since there are limited units, we can’t guarantee that we will have stock until the end of the promotion, so, what are you waiting for?

Choose what you want from the store and we will include the gift necklace with your order!




 2. We are going Palo Alto Market!


The experience was so good that we decided to repeat and we’ve been selected again, so if you are in Barcelona on the 7th and 8th of October, we will be waiting for you at Palo Alto Market with open arms.

You can watch live, play and try all the Now or Never collections, and some other pieces, specially made for the occasion.
Come and say Hi!

More info at Palo Alto Market website.

Palo Alto Market Now or Never Jewelry



Finally remember that we want to have you in the Now or Never community, so fill out the form that you will find at the bottom of this page.

New Collection: Greetings from Memphis

I’ve always felt attracted for past eras, and that’s something that is reflected in all Now or Never designs, one way or another.
For this collection I wanted to go with the flow by more abstract forms and contrast in colors, so I decided to make this collection with my own vision of the Memphis style.

In Greetings from Memphis, a very funny collection of 9 jewels, I’ve played with a wide range of color combinations where predominates pattern, something I’ve always loved. Some of the pieces are tropical themed with a retro vibe (I absolutely love everything tropical!), and in others predominate a more geometric and childish style in pastel tones.

The result is a more sober and less dramatic collection than the previous ones, with groups of jewels very different from each other, but with a nexus of union, which is the Memphis style.

We hope you enjoy it!

Monstera Necklace, Earrings & Ring

Greetings from Memphis Style Design still life
Pink Half Hoop Earrings

Greetings from Memphis Style Design Now or Never Jewelry

Triangle Garland Necklace, Triangle Earrings & Ring

Greetings from Memphis Style Design monstera tropical

Greetings from Memphis Style Design Now or Never JewelryGreen Sun Earrings & Ring


Photography: Pipi Amuchastegui
Model: Anna Kors
Make-up & Hair: Patricia Mullen





New website, new Now or Never Magazine

We are very happy and proud to go a step further at Now or Never; we’ve just released our new website! Now it’s more bold and colorful than ever, its structure will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, and you can choose to pay with PayPal or your Credit Card!(yesss, finally, after your so many requests!), so the buying process will be much simpler.

We can’t be more happy with the result, product of the great work of BaseTIS team. THANK YOU! Also to all our faithful followers who have been with us from the beginning, and to those who are just entering this community: without you it wouldn’t have been possible. 

Also, we started a new season of posts for our renewed blog, which we have named Now or Never Magazine. In it, besides everything related to the world of Now or Never such news, markets, events and other stuff, you will find everything that inspires us most in design, art, fashion, music,… and a small agenda with our favorite selection of events.

If you don’t want to miss anything, sign up for our NowLetter at the bottom of this page. We are waiting for you!

Long live to Now or Never, and long live to all of you who give life to Now or Never!

Ignacio Torres Stellar
Ignacio Torres – Stellar





Eye See You: eyes in fashion & art

I must admit that I’m hopelessly attracted too by the trend of eyes in fashion and art. Knowing that even though now it’s a fad, the powerful image of the eye leads represented since ancient times. Actually, eyes hide, like many other seemingly simple iconography found in art and fashion (teeth, bees, flowers), countless hidden meanings that have become part of the collective unconscious.

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