We keep growing: Now or Never on the media!

Lately it’s all good news for Now or Never, and in the last few months we haven’t stopped appearing in different media, including an interview I did for La Vanguardia! Without you and all the other NON girls this wouldn’t have been possible, and that is why we want to share with you our latest appearances in the press, fashion editorials, etc…. Here is a small selection of the ones we liked the most:

#1  La Vanguardia interview

Want to know more about me and what’s behind Now or Never? Then click here (spanish) and read the interview I did last week in this catalan newspaper!

Cristina Escudero Now or Never

#2 Caboodle Magazine

The girls of this English magazine decided to include our Greetings from Memphis collection in their inspirational article on this style of the 1980s. It’s one of our favorite independent magazines! You can buy it here and die of love with its colorful creative vibe.

Caboodle Magazine Memphis Style 80s
Greetings from Memphis Collection

#3 Neo 2 Magazine

Stylists in Crime are a duo of stylists from Barcelona with an exquisite taste and professional work, I love everything they do! When I was contacted to participate with my designs in their fashion editorial RIOT I did not hesitate for a moment. Finally the editorial was published in Neo 2 Magazine, which we also love. You can see all her precious work here.


Heart Broken Earrings

Cry Me a River Ring

Heart Broken Earrings and Pretzel Necklace

#3 Carlos Sadness music video

Yes, we also have a stellar appearance (well, our Memphis Triangle Earrings) in Carlos Sadness’ latest video clip, directed by multidisciplinary artist Lyona. The video clip is so much fun and fresh, 100% Now or Never! Here it is:

Last but not least, thank you once again for staying on the other side, supporting our little “cause” called Now or Never.