NON Girl alert! Anni B Sweet Interview

Today we bring you an article that makes us especially excited. Here’s the interview that singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet gave to us some days ago, with the photo shooting with which she delighted us wearing her favorite Now or Never jewels.

But first….. a little introduction:

Anni began her career in the world of music at the tender age of 9, when she began to compose her first songs with her guitar. Today she has 3 albums behind her, featuring from folk, indie and rock to pop. In her songs we find her sweet and soft voice with catchy melancholy melodies and arrangements that refer us to the 60s and 70s.
Her 4th studio album will be released later this year, we can’t wait to hear it!

At NON we love Anni not only for her music, but also for her charismatic and tender personality, and of course, for her unqiue and rad style that triumphs at Instagram. A fully-fledged NON girl!


Anni with Monstera Earrings and Brown Eye Ring

A book: Ariel by Sylvia Plath

An album: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

A fictional character: Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Beatrix) or Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

A real-life hero: My father, my mother and all those people who do something to make the world a better place.

An icon of style: I don’t have a particular icon, in general I like the late 60s, 70s glam and Space Age very much.

A small shop: Cordelia (vintage clothing store in Madrid @yosoycordelia), Srta White (multi-brand store in Málaga @srtawhiteshop), Librería Dauro and Picasso in Granada, Discos Marcapasos and Bora Bora in Granada (@discosmarcapos @discosborabora), Espacio Aguacate (special clothing and accessories store in Granada @espacioaguacate). It is difficult to choose only one! I left a lot out!

A city to live in: Tokyo.

The last live concert you went to: Nada Surf.

The last exhibition you saw: Robots – Los humanos y las máquinas.

The last movie you saw in the movies: Alien Covenant.

The last TV show you watched or are watching: Mindhunter.

Anni with Monstera Earrings

A state of mind: Tranquility

What makes you laugh: I laugh very easily, I like word games very much.

What makes you cry: I haven’t cried in a long time… but thinking about poverty, wars and the shitty education that exists kills me.

What awakens your creativity: Travelling , reading, watching movies, having a good conversation, driving…

An overrated virtue nowadays: To have many followers in social media.

An overvalued defect today: Anything contrary to the current canon of beauty is considered a defect and to me it is nonsense.

Your perfect day: Have a good dinner in good company, with good background music and spectacular views, for example in a sunset that leads to total darkness where you can see a starry sky. I also settle for an afternoon of laughter in good company.

Your life motto: Always be honest.

Your big weakness: The universe (the space, the stars, the sky…)

Your biggest fear: It changes according to the stage I’m going through, today I would say the creative/mental blockade and feeling regret.

A word that defines your next album: Honest.

A sound that defines your next album: It’s still too early to say, but hopefully it will be an inspiring sound that will lead the listener through different landscapes.

A song by Anni B Sweet: Onyx Stars.

A NON jewel: Difficult to choose only one… the Brown Eye ring, but I like everything!

Anni with Monstera Earrings and Labocoque dress

To finish this special post, here’s our favorite music video by Anni, hope you liked this interview and enjoy!



Valentine’s Day Special: Love Yourself First!

Fall in love with you and grow through these proposals for everyday, including Valentine’s Day.

#1 – Creativity as a way of life
I think this is somewhat underestimated today, but I know firsthand that being creative in your day-to-day life can save you from depression. Being creative when dressing, cooking, shopping, bedding… is extremely enriching, it’s all about playing and daring to change your mind!
First, you need to feed the brain with lots of inspiration, here are some ideas:

>> A book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. The perfect book to explore your creative side and inspire you to grow through creativity.

>> A documentary: Abstract, the art of design. This Netflix documentary series introduces 10 designers from different fields through their creative processes. Essential!

creativity henri matisse

#2 – Take care of yourself
Honestly, I’m one of the lazy ones to take care of myself, but I have to say that over time I’m getting to include some healthy habits that make me feel better in my day-to-day life. Here are a couple of ideas:

>> Top Breakfast: Ginger and Tea. My breakfast includes a tea (my faves are from Yogi Tea) with a mini teaspoon of powdered or sliced ginger. Google the properties of tea and ginger if you don’t know about them, you will be surprised!

>> Best facial care: Movis soap. I love everything from Lush, but if I have to choose one of their products I’ll keep the Movis facial soap. Amazing smell, gentle scrub for every day, and leaves the (mixed) skin super balanced.

pink hair don't care

#3 – Fall in love with yourself
Get dressed to fall in love with yourself, not for others. Make your outfit a mission statement 😉

>> Favorite Lipstick: Sephora Cream Lip Stain. Color 01, Always Red. Vibrant red, matt and velvety textured. A basic classic.

>> Favorite Tee: Not everything sucks from Abandon Ship Apparel. I love everything from this Scottish indie brand, but this one -that is still in preorder- takes the cake.

#4 – Have Fun!

>> Take bike rides. Since I’ve come back to Mallorca, I’ve been enjoying cycling again, and I feel like when I was a child! If it can be by the sea, better. 

>> Have more sex. A basic that we sometimes forget because of the stress and daily worries. Alone or accompanied, it doesn’t matter!

Guy Bourdin
Photo by Guy Bourdin

#PS – A quick Reminder!
Valentine’s Day -February 14th- is the last day to get the High Voltage Earrings Set. This LIMITED EDITION will be gone forever in a few hours! Treat yourself and get yours here.




*Featured image by Guy Bourdin

Valentine’s Special: High Voltage Earring Set perfect Outfit

Many of you may have noticed: We recently have launched the High Voltage Earring Set, a Limited Edition that will only be available until Valentine’s Day. It’s the day of love that has inspired us for these super hot hearts and bolts earrings with lots of glitter. On this occasion we suggest this outfit to wear them everyday. We hope it inspires you! 😉

now or never outfit high voltage

High Voltage Earrings Set by Now or Never  |  Hopeless Romantic Tee by  |  Red Mini Skirt by New Look  |  Metallic Sneakers by | Lilac Fur Mini Back Pack by Skinny Dip London   |  Nail Lacquer by NYX Cosmetics

NEW Sun & Moon Lookbook

The new Sun & Moon Collection little Lookbook is composed of two collage images where textures, colors and atmospheres are mixed to contextualize the new earrings and make you blow your imagination to the max


Kaleidoscopis Sun Earrings Now or Never


Silver Moon Earrings Now or Never

What do you think? We hope you like them!

Thanks to all of you, this new collection is being a great success, that’s why we want to inform you that we have a very limited stock of these designs, especially of Kaleidoscopic Sun. Check them out before is too late! 🙂

Christmas Special: Our Favorite Make-Ups

Today we bring you our selection of the best make-ups for the Holiday Season. We opt for make-ups that don’t abuse of contouring, nor that obsession with “covering and beautifying” that we see so much today in the net. As always, we bet for creativity, personality and originality also when choosing makeup, and if it’s with much glitter, better!

Red + Purple, our last obsession. Makeup with vibrant colors, festive and funny at the same time.

Silver detail on eye lids highlighting the look, strawberry gradient on the lips and a very natural skin.

Make-up for those of you who want to get a more goth but trendy style. Eyelids with wet effect and perfect black glossy lips.

Eyebrows with golden glitter, and lips and eyes contour in a natural pinkish tone, getting a slightly decadent look that we love.

The perfect Christmas Make-up: super sparkly gold and red, and eyeliner on the eyes for an updated 50’s look.

Metallic eyes in silver, gold and black, and glossy lips in nude. Sophisticated make-up that sends us back to the 70’s.

More metallics, this time with Oil Slick effect on eyelids and a very highlighted skin.

Glitter details with holographic effect, to feel like in a fairy tale. Pure fantasy!

Combine them all with our New Collection Sun & Moon, where glitter and sparkles also play a special role.

Which one is your favorite? See you in the comments below and in social media!

Agenda: Artistic Autumn

It’s clear that at NON we are art and design fanatics, so for this season’s beginning we wanted to show you our favorite art exhibitions in the greatest cities around the world. We hope you like it!



David Bowie Is | Museu del Disseny de Barcelona | Until September 25th

If you haven’t already visited, what are you waiting for? Last days to enjoy this exhibition that immerses you completely in Bowie’s universe. Gooseflesh and some tears.

David Bowie Is Barcelona Exposicion




Sonia Delaunay. Arte, diseño y moda | Museo Thyssen | Until October 15th

First monographic exhibition of the multidisciplinary artist in Spain. Paintings, fashion designs and textiles, focusing on the era in which Delaunay lived in Madrid.

Sonia Delaunay Thyssen Madrid




Christian Dior, couturier du réve | Museé des Arts Décoratifs | Until January 7th

Retrospective of the Designer of Dreams for the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior creation, with more than 300 dresses, besides endless accessories, photographs, illustrations,…

Christian Dior 1957 Loomis Dean




London Design Festival | Various venues | From September 16th until 24th

If you are in London don’t hesitate to visit one of the exhibitions or events that the London Design Festival has prepared for its 15th edition. Our favorite: the installation Villa Walala by Camille Walala and her talk “The Future is Bright” on how to live from creativity.

Camille Walala London Design Festival




Ettore Sottsass: Design Radical | The Met | Until October 8th

We could not fail to mention this exhibition dedicated to this designer and architect known for being the founder of the Memphis Group, to which we had already dedicated some word in this post.

totem 1967 Ettore sottsass




Yayoi Kusama: Creation is a Solitary Pursuit, Love is What Brings You Closer to Art | Yayoi Kusama Museum | Until February 25th

Inaugural exhibition of the only museum dedicated to this Japanese artist, where will be presented works of the series “My Eternal Soul”. We are a bit far to go, but dreaming is free, right? 😉

Yayoi Kusama


Finally, do not forget to take a look at our store and the new collection Greetings from Memphis and join the Now or Never Community by filling the form below on this page.

Inspiration: Memphis Design

The Memphis style was born in Italy in the 80’s by Ettore Sotsass (among others), although in recent years it has been constantly revisited in all fields of design: from fashion, furniture and print design to graphic design, illustration and architecture.

Also to me it as been a big inspiration for our last collection Greetings from Memphis. The colorful style, both bold and kitsch has always attracted me, so I wanted to show you in this post my favorites related to this style, focusing especially on the most actual designs.



The Memphis Group Furniture (1981-1987)

The Memphis Group Furniture (1981-1987)

Christian Dior Fall 2011 Memphis
Christian Dior – Fall 2011

Christian Dior – Fall 2011

yoko honda
Yoko Honda

yoko honda
Yoko Honda

Lazy Oaf x Poppy Lissiman – 2016

Lazy Oaf x Poppy Lissiman – 2016


American Apparel x Nathalie Du Pasquier
American Apparel x Nathalie Du Pasquier


Wrong for Hay x Nathalie Du Pasquier
Wrong Hays x Nathalie Du Pasquier


Camille Walala Labyrinth
Camille Walala – Labyrinth installation in London

Memphis style furniture Nastia Ibragimova
Nastia Ibragimova

Memphis style furniture Nastia Ibragimova
Nastia Ibragimova

tim colmant pattern design
Pattern design by Tim Colmant

tim colmant pattern design
Pattern design by Tim Colmant

And to finish enjoy this funny Katy Perry videoclip (huge fan of Katy’s aesthetics!)

Editorial: Princess of Nowhere

We love to collab for projects as interesting and inspiring as this fashion editorial made by the photographer Patricia Blas. Patricia is also CEO at Shit Magazine, top magazine about alternative culture where this editorial has been published.

Princess of Nowhere, where some of our jewelry has been used to create its wonderful looks, represents a free, independent and rebel woman, princess of her own world. The eclectic and suggestive outfits and ambientation represents that non-conformist spirit women that we much love at Now or Never.

You can see the full editorial here, or take a look at this small selection we’ve made. We hope you like it as much as we do:


now or never jewelry shit magazine patricia blas
Shirt and Skirt Lucía Macasoli, Cap Ganga shop, Earrings  Now or Never Jewelry

now or never jewelry shit magazine patricia blas

now or never jewelry shit magazine patricia blas
Top Lucía Macasoli, Skirt Paloma Suárez, earrings Now or Never Jewelry, corona Natalia Geldart.

Top Paloma Suárez, Skirt Lucía Macasoli, Sunglasses Quay Australia, Ring Now or Never Jewelry, socks DE PIED FERME, sandals Nike Benassi Solarloft, Backpack Ganga Shop.

Top and dress Paloma Suárez, Earrings and Necklace Now or Never Jewelry

Tee Ganga Shop, Jacket Paloma suárez, Skirt Lucía Macasoli, Necklace Now or Never Jewelry.

Photography, edition, styling: PATRICIA BLAS.

From Now or Never, thanks to our stockist Espacio Ananas for sharing our jewelry to make this shooting possible.





Quirky, Funny & Alternative: My TOP 5 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow / Diferentes, divertidas y alternativas: TOP 5 Fashion Bloggers que deberías seguir

Picture from Kayla Hadlington Blog

In my opinion, most of the fashion bloggers are boring, repetitive and with no personality. The bloggers that I bring today, from which I’ve selected my fave photos/outfits, are the opposite, and for me are very inspiring and I enjoy very much reading and watching their posts : unique, creative, bold and evocative outfits, and lots of personality. Hope you like it!

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