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A very personal post + Giveaway!

This time I wanted to write you a more personal post than usual to have a look back to this 2017, and thank you for all the support received during the year.

For me, 2017 has been both hard and rewarding, personally and professionally.
It was the year in which I bet everything for Now or Never; I got a loan from the bank and embarked on this adventure called entrepreneurship, overcoming old fears and growing personally and professionally to a level that I haven’t had time to assimilate yet.

Now or Never is much more than my brand, it’s for what I’ve been able to overcome my self-imposed limitations that I didn’t think I was able to overcome. It has been and is my best therapy, and also the hardest and rewarding. It’s also my best form of self-expression.

All this, made me make difficult but necessary decisions at the end of the year.
My then partner and I decided to definitively separate our paths after 8 years and I decided to move back to my home town, Palma de Mallorca, where I had not lived for half a life.

And here I am, starting a new year surrounded by the sea and the ocean breeze (which I missed most of all from Mallorca!), with my studio half mounted but with infinite desire to start from here, looking forward.

My most sincere thanks for joining me all this year through Now or Never. I hope to have you by my side also in this new adventure called 2018. NON is possible thanks to you and many other Now or Never girls like you, so THANK YOU INFINITELY!

Pink Monstera Earrings

And as promised it’s debt, to celebrate that we are already 4K Now or Never Girls in Instagram, and to start 2018 on top (also as a prize for having read until the end! haha), here you have the deserved RAFFLE!

You can win the Baby Pink Monstera Earrings, a unique edition that I made especially for this occasion.

To participate you just have to search for the pic of the give away (the same as above) in our instagram @noworneverjewelry and follow the instructions that you will find there.

Good luck, thanks for staying at the other side!

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