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NON Girl alert! Anni B Sweet Interview

Today we bring you an article that makes us especially excited. Here’s the interview that singer-songwriter Anni B Sweet gave to us some days ago, with the photo shooting with which she delighted us wearing her favorite Now or Never jewels.

But first….. a little introduction:

Anni began her career in the world of music at the tender age of 9, when she began to compose her first songs with her guitar. Today she has 3 albums behind her, featuring from folk, indie and rock to pop. In her songs we find her sweet and soft voice with catchy melancholy melodies and arrangements that refer us to the 60s and 70s.
Her 4th studio album will be released later this year, we can’t wait to hear it!

At NON we love Anni not only for her music, but also for her charismatic and tender personality, and of course, for her unqiue and rad style that triumphs at Instagram. A fully-fledged NON girl!


Anni with Monstera Earrings and Brown Eye Ring

A book: Ariel by Sylvia Plath

An album: Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd

A fictional character: Uma Thurman in Kill Bill (Beatrix) or Sandra Bullock in Gravity.

A real-life hero: My father, my mother and all those people who do something to make the world a better place.

An icon of style: I don’t have a particular icon, in general I like the late 60s, 70s glam and Space Age very much.

A small shop: Cordelia (vintage clothing store in Madrid @yosoycordelia), Srta White (multi-brand store in Málaga @srtawhiteshop), Librería Dauro and Picasso in Granada, Discos Marcapasos and Bora Bora in Granada (@discosmarcapos @discosborabora), Espacio Aguacate (special clothing and accessories store in Granada @espacioaguacate). It is difficult to choose only one! I left a lot out!

A city to live in: Tokyo.

The last live concert you went to: Nada Surf.

The last exhibition you saw: Robots – Los humanos y las máquinas.

The last movie you saw in the movies: Alien Covenant.

The last TV show you watched or are watching: Mindhunter.

Anni with Monstera Earrings

A state of mind: Tranquility

What makes you laugh: I laugh very easily, I like word games very much.

What makes you cry: I haven’t cried in a long time… but thinking about poverty, wars and the shitty education that exists kills me.

What awakens your creativity: Travelling , reading, watching movies, having a good conversation, driving…

An overrated virtue nowadays: To have many followers in social media.

An overvalued defect today: Anything contrary to the current canon of beauty is considered a defect and to me it is nonsense.

Your perfect day: Have a good dinner in good company, with good background music and spectacular views, for example in a sunset that leads to total darkness where you can see a starry sky. I also settle for an afternoon of laughter in good company.

Your life motto: Always be honest.

Your big weakness: The universe (the space, the stars, the sky…)

Your biggest fear: It changes according to the stage I’m going through, today I would say the creative/mental blockade and feeling regret.

A word that defines your next album: Honest.

A sound that defines your next album: It’s still too early to say, but hopefully it will be an inspiring sound that will lead the listener through different landscapes.

A song by Anni B Sweet: Onyx Stars.

A NON jewel: Difficult to choose only one… the Brown Eye ring, but I like everything!

Anni with Monstera Earrings and Labocoque dress

To finish this special post, here’s our favorite music video by Anni, hope you liked this interview and enjoy!



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