TOP 10 Funniest Horror Movies for Halloween

Do you hide behind a cushion when you watch a horror movie? No more suffering! This Halloween enjoy the most terrifyingly hilarious movies with this TOP 10 of funny (and good) movies we have selected for the easily scared ones like you and I. Take your popcorn bowl (mine will be the candy one), surround yourself with candles and enjoy!

#10 | Dark Shadows (2012)
A Tim Burton one never fails for this time of the year (well, they never fail), and we consider that this one is the least seen of him and one of the funniest. We especially love the gothic vibe mixed with the 70’s aesthetics.

Dark Shadows


#9 | Hocus Pocus (1993)
We could not help feeling some nostalgia remembering this one. How many times have you seen this Disney movie as a child?

Hocus Pocus - La maldición de las brujas


#8 | The Frighteners (1996)
In our opinion, a Peter Jackson’s not very well known. Includes Michael J Fox and the most picturesque and funny ghosts.

The frighteners peter jackson


#7 | Haunted Honeymoon (1986)
Hilarious film with an enchanted mansion, parody of the cliches of classic horror movies. Directed and starring the great actor Gene Wilder.

Haunted honeymoon gene wilder


#6 | Beetlejuice (1988)
We couldn’t help adding another from Tim Burton. Who doesn’t enjoy watching their movies over and over again?

Beetlejuice Tim Burton


#5 | ParaNorman (2012)
Animation film made 100%  in stop motion that surprised us very pleasantly. Zombies, a misunderstood child who talks to the dead and many many adventures.



#4 | The Addams Family (1991)
Another that we couldn’t overlook. My fave is Wednesday Addams.

Addams Family


#3 | Young Frankenstein (1974)
Another parody of classic black and white horror movies, starring Gene Wilder again. This time directed by the amazing Mel Brooks.

Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks


#2 | The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
Who does not recognize those red lips? We could not fail to mention this crazy 70’s cult musical film.

rocky horror picture show


#1 | Death Becomes Her  (1992)
Unfairly underrated, this grotesque comedy is our favorite: for its three actors, for its black humor, for its Oscar-winning special effects, for its theme, for its artistic direction, and above all because it’s the most fun.

death becomes her

¿Which is your fave? 

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