Quirky, Funny & Alternative: My TOP 5 Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow / Diferentes, divertidas y alternativas: TOP 5 Fashion Bloggers que deberías seguir

Picture from Kayla Hadlington Blog

In my opinion, most of the fashion bloggers are boring, repetitive and with no personality. The bloggers that I bring today, from which I’ve selected my fave photos/outfits, are the opposite, and for me are very inspiring and I enjoy very much reading and watching their posts : unique, creative, bold and evocative outfits, and lots of personality. Hope you like it!

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TOP 5 Comic Books that Changed my Life / TOP 5 Cómics que Cambiaron mi Vida

Since I was a teenager I’ve been an avid reader of books and comic books. Well, actually “avid reader” is not entirely true , because I’m a bit distracted and most of the time I can hardly concentrate to read, but I’m indeed a great and truly lover of books. Finding the perfect comic or book at the right time is an experience that can literally make me re-excite through life in a slump , to spend weeks in a reverie state, or to inspire me to fill my life with more creativity.
Is there any kind of Stendhal Syndrome for readers?…

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